Monday, September 24, 2007

Mr. Bush and Climate

Leaders of 80 countries are expected to attend a special UN meeting in New York to discuss the effects of global warming and the ways to combat it.

Scientists say that the Arctic ice cap is melting faster than ever

US President George W Bush will not be present, hosting instead a meeting of 16 "major emitter" countries in Washington on Thursday and Friday.

However, the attendance of 150 countries and 80 heads of state makes Monday's meeting the most high-level UN gathering on climate change.

Mr Bush, who does not support binding emission targets, will not take part in the formal discussions but will be joining Mr Ban and other key leaders for dinner.

-source BBC News website

“The most high-level UN gathering on climate change” and Mr. Bush is not interested in the discussions but “will be joining Mr. Ban ki Moon (UN Secretary General) for Dinner”

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Calling and Listening

I have been assigned a few companies to call and find out if they would like to take up the services of our company.

Cold-calling is an art. I am new to this. I will get better Inshallah, but what I want to tell you is, it is a weird experience.

You encounter a few really nice souls, who guide you to whom you want to speak and then there are those gate-keeper devils who stand like a menacing dragon and seldom let you pass.

One such instance, I started off saying to the receptionist that we specialize in SAP and she asked me what SAP stood for - I told her, she wasn't in any mood to let me through when I asked her for the IT manager. She even challenged me that she is the IT manager and that I should talk to her. She even said, "I have all the software, I will sell you, tell me what you want!!" I just could not go anywhere from there.. I was thinking, she doesn't even know the expansion of SAP and is selling me software!!

She cut the phone. And I put "Receptionist acting up!!" in my comments to my manager.

A few others, simply guide you to the concerned person, even as far as giving the mobile number of the fellow.

The database I am working with has a few CEO/GM numbers...that means I call the CEO and ask him to "Can you connect me to the IT manager please??"

It is amazing to listen his tone of voice. Some are exasperated, some state in a matter of fact tone that I should call the general number and even give me the number.

One General manager even gave me the IT manager's number. It is great fun.

Then there are the different hold tunes that I get to hear. Man, it can get irritating sometimes.

Various hold tunes I've heard
  • Mario game music
  • Various Mozart Symphony
  • Company Anthems
  • Religious Songs and works
Then there are different types of Recorded Voice messages about four or five of them

And last but not the least, the ring tones.. though it is the normal "ring ring" ring tone, there are even variations in that. Some sound like a helicopter under water some sound very pleasing to the ear.. (makes me wanna sleep) and various other types.

Well. It is indeed fun to talk on phone.. What have your experiences been in calling many people in short spans of time?

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Rain Rain Go Away

Well, after the incessant rain, a few things happen that makes the joy of Rains melt, even flood away. :(

It continued raining through the Lunch time.. and what happened?

All those who Go out and eat had to stay in and chose to have their lunch at our canteen. This additional burden was not well handled by the canteen fellow, he messed up.. so by the time us "regulars" reached the canteen there was no more plain rice, fried rice.. and the Pooris were coming in a trickle.

This made him cook up some plain rice fast, which left the rice half cooked. Overall result is that I am now sitting at my desk, letting people know that Rain is not always good and staring at a pack of good day biscuits and Tropicana juice.

Few other effects of Excessive rainfall:

  • Clogged Drains
  • Dirty Roads
  • Spotted Clothes (especially the back)
  • Flooding
  • Traffic Jams (as most two wheelers are trying to find shelter)
  • and Boring Blog

Rain Rain Come Again

Always bring a joy to me. It is raining right now!!
Heavy, fat rain drops falling through the sky with nothing to interrupt them. Making a wall of raindrops. Imagine, when it is raining one can join a particular set of raindrops in a straight line and the plane in which this line resides forms a wall. You can make innumerable lines like these and thus corresponding walls along with them. Too much geometry and planar imagination? OK!
The heavy raindrops fall through the sky unstoppable.. or so they think.. stopped by earth and its various protrusions. A few drops collide with flowers resting on a tall tree. The flowers get dislodged from the branches and it is a rain of flowers under the tree. A few drops collide with the feathers on the wings of various birds, I can see pigeons and eagles from here. A few raindrops splatter onto the solar panels of the water heaters on the roofs of houses around here.
The water slides down the surface of the panel, assuming the shape of a cascade.
Bikers who stopped over getting ready to start as the rain recedes. And I watching from the comfort of the office, pity those drivers because the rain has started again!!
Rain Rain GO AWAY
I always imagine how many raindrops fall on me, during a ride in rain. Will the number increase if I go faster? (for a distance of X) or will they remain constant. Considering that driving at lower speed will keep you that much longer in the rain, thus increasing the number of drops on you. Personally I prefer going faster, reaching the place of shelter and changing clothes or wiping myself.
Well do share what thoughts run through your mind when it rains :)

Friday, September 07, 2007

Random Musings

Every human I look at, reminds me of only one thing - Self Preservation. What ever action a person does, leads directly to the self preservation of that person. I look at people. You also take a look at people different from you. The way they talk, the way they act, the way they hand folding hands with a reflective, intense expression on their face.
They think they are the center of the earth. And they are centers of a world that is around themselves. There are a few people though, who do think about others before themselves. These kind of people are rare. So rare that hardly one comes along in a century. We rather not get into who is the great person of this century and such discussions.
I just was looking from my office window. And saw a man standing on a roof of a building, checking out the road below. Enjoying the view. With his one hand on the ceiling roof wall and the other on his waist. Another guy was talking to him and he was listening to him while looking away. This triggered the blog.

Sunday, September 02, 2007

New additions to my blawg

Hey  :)
I got some time on my hand.. thanks to less sleeping this weekend and more work. I kind of got around to make a few exciting changes to my blog page.
I changed my header.. Put up some funky effects with a year-and-more old photograph. Also added some personal talent by adding effects. Thank you.
I have added a poll to the blog. Which closes in a 100 days :)..It is on the right. :) Please feel free to input your choice.
Now there is this website called It provides a plug-in.. works with various audio players, called Audioscrobbler. I installed the plug-in for winamp (my favorite player) and the database has been building for quite some time now. So every time I play the song, with the plug-in enabled (plus) internet connection. The song I play gets listed on my user page - Here .
So, with the time I had, I decided to visit this site again. The came out with what is called Widgets. These are new exciting widgets. I put up two of them onto my blog.
    1. An animated quilt of My favorite artists and
    2. My Recently played tracks. - U can even listen to 30 seconds of the few songs that has.
Check them out.. They are really cool. After this blog.. there is another entry that is really helpful if u are one the move and want to blog about something and just have access to email. So Enjoy.. the benefits :)
Happy Teacher's DAY!! September 5.

First Email Blog

Blogger allows users to send emails to their blog which in turn get posted as a blog in itself.
say an email address like It gets published to :)
So here is my first email blog. Dint want it to be anything weird. Just an explanation of how it works.
If you want to mail in your blogs through emails. Go to "Settings>Email>Mail-to-Blogger Address>" in after you sign in.
Here give options of email you want. only the second half can be changed. Check the Publish button to allow the blog to be published.