Thursday, August 14, 2008

Undersea Cable Cuttings

Do you remember the internet outages that occurred a few months ago? Well after the event, the event is still alive in some places. Some people are investigating why that happened. Some people are now preparing alternative ways to avoid internet outage due to the cutting of the cables.

But why did I write an entry now? because I came across a screenshot I took of the messages that I sent to myself during this internet outage. The browsing and even the simplest form of internet the instant messaging took a tremendous hit. See the picture below, shows the duration between me sending the message and then receiving it. Going as high as 6 minutes and 16 seconds for the “zzup”.

Saturday, August 02, 2008

Website hits

I was just sitting there.. pondering on the news that google has now indexed a Trillion pages. Talked about Here and Here. Then my thoughts crossed over to the websites hosting these pages. The unlimited number of .coms that are out there in the tubes.

I tried a few random strings with .com added to them. here are the results. doesn't end anywhere..part of lyrics of a linkin park song.

Then i tried, hahaha i don't know where that came from but it is not there. Disappointed i thought about trying a single word. led to a software company website.

Have you ever tried this type of internet adventure? (no sending messages to the gmail email id you wanted does count as an adventure :P)

note: i have not been regular at blogging, a sign that my offline life is going very well and busy and occupied and happening and all that. will keep experimenting and posting.