Friday, July 17, 2009

Personal Climate Control Suit

We've seen a lot many innovations and inventions seep through NASA into ordinary life.


One such invention I want to come to our life is the Personal Climate Control Suit or the Astronaut Suit.


Why?? Because, I have seen people face lot of problems with Air Conditioning in various places.


Everybody wants a different temperature; people with cold don't want the A/C.

And cooling the entire office space isn't worth it. Why not only cool the immediate surroundings of the person.


IT companies have desks for people. All desks are provided with a wired internet connection, similarly, an A/C went that can be plugged into your suit to cool you as per your desired temperature. Or it can be a connection hanging from the ceiling, that will stay connected to the person/suit as you traverse paths through your company. Or a portable compressor that works of your body movement. A hybrid of the above two cases will really reduce power consumption.


Really works for people in a desk job with not much area to be covered. That way companies can save on electricity, people will have a choice of temperature either tropic or arctic.


Now to this really to work, the suit has to be made wearable with the least amount of work. Should be comfortable, movement should not be restricted. Should be fashionable (such that people can customize their own suits). I know, nobody wants to be seen in a plain vanilla white personal climate control suit or white is passé... LOL


It should be mass produced for it to be cheap. And there should be some standby suits in case one malfunctions. Also these suits should have self-electricity generating capabilities. Maybe put a piezo-electric inducer or whatever in the foot soles of the suit to keep generating electricity while walking. It should have proper ventilation of undesirable gasses released by us humans too.


This is just an idea; I can see this becoming a reality when there is real heat everywhere. Anyway, just give in your inputs as well. CIAO