Wednesday, October 24, 2007

What's Happening?

I have been meaning to blog.. but wasn't finding time.

No not because I was offline but because things have changed. I am traveling more, what with my office moving to Jubilee Hills, apparently closer to the "IT HUB".

I am back to traveling those 26 gruelling kilometers twice everyday. Makes me wanna blog about the traffic and drivers and the various shortcomings of intellect among the fly-over-approving-senseless-employees of HUDA or whatever organisation that built the many utterly useless excuses for flyovers around Hyderabad.

No I am not going to complain, I will rather guide you to a few entertaining things online that can keep you occupied.

First: Orisinal. By Author Ferry Halim is a place for cute little games that keep you occupied no end. Flash games so magnificent you'd want to keep looking at them. Monkeys ducking, rabbits jumping, cows moo-ing and many other cute stuffs. head to the site

Second: Google Image Labeler (beta). Like many other things Google, even the image labeler is a beta, but doesn't reduce the fun quotient. You can play as guest or log in with your Google/Gmail id. The aim is to tag images with an unknown partner assigned to you randomly by Google. You get points and the scoring methodology is explained at the site. The real deal is that Google is taking your help here to tag images which will then be used in the Google image search. So here you achieve both fun and get some work done for Google. This is see is one way of contributing to society so don't feel bad about wasting time. The link

Third: xkcd introduced me to a certain genre of web comics that are hilarious, sarcastic and funny. Not something that everybody will like. But there are some really humorous jokes here. I might even go as far as rating this site only for Mature Audience. You have been warned. Link:

For the rest I will write another post. I wouldn't want you wasting your precious time on other frivolous pursuits. :P