Friday, October 10, 2008

The Hazards of a Wireless Router

Hell NO!

I am not talking about the terrorists using your wireless connection on an unsecured Wireless Router to send a bomb blast notification to the media, I am talking about the other hazards (the more romantic ones).

Recently, my friend got a wireless router to ease the household tension of sharing a single internet cable. He was blissfully pleased when he configured it. He was happy sharing with me the advantages of having such a router. He mentioned to me that now he and his wife (also an IT employee) will not be fighting for the single cable.

Now comes the hazard i want to talk about, they will stop interacting now. They will not fight over the cable. Each on will sit in their own corner and chat away with friends like my friend was doing right now. Update their Facebook. Complete their half-baked work from home and other such activities. That is a sad thing.

Thinking of ways to improve the situation i came up with only one idea. The computers should be placed with their backs to each other.

Guy _/    \_ Girl

Like the above. This way they can look at each other and laugh at their stupid status messages.