Thursday, March 10, 2011

Cricket World Cup 2011

A few questions that are always on a cricket fan’s mind during world cups:
Will India win the World Cup?
Guess what!!?? INDIA WON the World Cup!!
If India doesn’t win the World Cup, will Sachin play the next World Cup?
Seems like Sachin is ready for another World Cup!
Will South Africa choke in a major encounter?
Looks like it did
Will Australia take the World Cup AGAIN!!!??
No, not this time.
What kind of a blog should I write during World Cup?
Did not write a blog.
Will a major team get busted before the quarterfinals?
Don't remember, but all major teams were there.
Will a minnow enter the knockout stage?
Nope, did not happen this time.
What will be my standing in the fantasy league?
I scored pretty well.
Will we Indians be spared of a re-re-re-re-run of the 1983 WC win / Kapil’s Devils videos before the next World Cup?
Hopefully, this next time, we will see the great WC 2011 WIN!!
Will the live streaming be fast enough from the office?
Office had a TV set up on each floor, no worries there.
Will my cable operator telecast all matches?
Yes, all matches.
Will my friends appreciate my HDTV / HD Telecast?
They did, but India lost one match I hosted, thanks to Ashish Nehra vs. South Africa
Will some team’s coach die mysteriously?!
Will Sreesanth make it big on international stage (crying on international TV)
Well, he was there in two matches including the Final!!
Will India vs. Pakistan happen this World Cup?
Yes it did and in the SEMI FINAL!! INDIAN WON!! Yayy
and so on…
What questions does your cricketing heart float during the World Cup?