Thursday, February 22, 2007


What is friendship? How can one tell if two people are friends?

They say, when in love, you "know". Do you "know" when you are in friendship?

Many a forwards keep floating through the internet talking about friendship. Trying to tell what friends should be doing. It could be communicating more, hugging more, sharing more and so many other things that should be done more.

I have asked quite a few people what they think makes two people friends. I have gotten a few answers, maybe these were answers I wanted to hear, they could be wrong or they could be right. After all these are opinions that turn out right or wrong based on the perception of the reader.

From what I heard, and my own personal experience I write below the basics of friendship. The factors, emotions and things people undergo to become friends or be called friends.

  • a friend cares for the other.
  • a friend has complete faith in the other
  • a friend will look at ways to make the other be comfortable (by listening to, lending a shoulder to cry on, etc.)
  • a friend is truthful and trustworthy (doesn't go backbiting the other)
  • a friend is one who overcomes petty differences between each other
I will stop here as this was the most general feedback I got.

They also say friendship is the first step to love. Some friendships go beyond the basics of friendship and enter this rare arena of love. When I talk about love it is not the flowersy, heartsy romantic love, but that love that wants you to meet a person and do things together. One that makes you wanna be with the other person and do nothing.

So, now that you have read this far, I would appreciate if you could tell me what your opinion of friendship is.

What makes people friends?

What does a person have to do to become friends with another?

Hope we take the path of enlightenment through this.

P.S: It would be great if you could share your thoughts in the comments. Thanks.