Saturday, August 02, 2008

Website hits

I was just sitting there.. pondering on the news that google has now indexed a Trillion pages. Talked about Here and Here. Then my thoughts crossed over to the websites hosting these pages. The unlimited number of .coms that are out there in the tubes.

I tried a few random strings with .com added to them. here are the results. doesn't end anywhere..part of lyrics of a linkin park song.

Then i tried, hahaha i don't know where that came from but it is not there. Disappointed i thought about trying a single word. led to a software company website.

Have you ever tried this type of internet adventure? (no sending messages to the gmail email id you wanted does count as an adventure :P)

note: i have not been regular at blogging, a sign that my offline life is going very well and busy and occupied and happening and all that. will keep experimenting and posting.
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