Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Rain Rain Come Again

Always bring a joy to me. It is raining right now!!
Heavy, fat rain drops falling through the sky with nothing to interrupt them. Making a wall of raindrops. Imagine, when it is raining one can join a particular set of raindrops in a straight line and the plane in which this line resides forms a wall. You can make innumerable lines like these and thus corresponding walls along with them. Too much geometry and planar imagination? OK!
The heavy raindrops fall through the sky unstoppable.. or so they think.. stopped by earth and its various protrusions. A few drops collide with flowers resting on a tall tree. The flowers get dislodged from the branches and it is a rain of flowers under the tree. A few drops collide with the feathers on the wings of various birds, I can see pigeons and eagles from here. A few raindrops splatter onto the solar panels of the water heaters on the roofs of houses around here.
The water slides down the surface of the panel, assuming the shape of a cascade.
Bikers who stopped over getting ready to start as the rain recedes. And I watching from the comfort of the office, pity those drivers because the rain has started again!!
Rain Rain GO AWAY
I always imagine how many raindrops fall on me, during a ride in rain. Will the number increase if I go faster? (for a distance of X) or will they remain constant. Considering that driving at lower speed will keep you that much longer in the rain, thus increasing the number of drops on you. Personally I prefer going faster, reaching the place of shelter and changing clothes or wiping myself.
Well do share what thoughts run through your mind when it rains :)
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