Sunday, September 02, 2007

New additions to my blawg

Hey  :)
I got some time on my hand.. thanks to less sleeping this weekend and more work. I kind of got around to make a few exciting changes to my blog page.
I changed my header.. Put up some funky effects with a year-and-more old photograph. Also added some personal talent by adding effects. Thank you.
I have added a poll to the blog. Which closes in a 100 days :)..It is on the right. :) Please feel free to input your choice.
Now there is this website called It provides a plug-in.. works with various audio players, called Audioscrobbler. I installed the plug-in for winamp (my favorite player) and the database has been building for quite some time now. So every time I play the song, with the plug-in enabled (plus) internet connection. The song I play gets listed on my user page - Here .
So, with the time I had, I decided to visit this site again. The came out with what is called Widgets. These are new exciting widgets. I put up two of them onto my blog.
    1. An animated quilt of My favorite artists and
    2. My Recently played tracks. - U can even listen to 30 seconds of the few songs that has.
Check them out.. They are really cool. After this blog.. there is another entry that is really helpful if u are one the move and want to blog about something and just have access to email. So Enjoy.. the benefits :)
Happy Teacher's DAY!! September 5.
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