Friday, December 28, 2007

Irritations 1

  1. Zooming into a diagram and correcting any small mistakes, to achieve a state of bliss considering that the diagram is perfect to the tiniest detail.
  2. Using the zoom function and getting in so close that nothing is comprehensibly visible.
  3. Selecting various color schemes and not being able to decide upon the right scheme.
  4. Forgetting that nifty little trick that you learnt on an online tutorial once, and struggling to find it again.
  5. Your word processing/imaging software taking its own course and doing exactly the opposite to what you want.
  6. Your computer turning off exactly at 99% of writing a DVD with your favorite movies.
  7. Both friends logging on in invisible mode and being unable to talk to each other (thank you Google for not having an invisible mode).
  8. Using the zoom function on the scroll wheel of mouse to make each page look so small you might be staring at Chiclets.
  9. Your friend lifting the call just when u wanted to end it. And you get charged for that call of 00:01 secs.
  10. You typing a long mail and forgetting save. [just saved this document] (no worries if you are using an auto save email client)
  11. Having a nice cup of tea but your last sip has the tea powder and goes on to spoil your entire happy taste.
  12. Finding that there are a set of latest drivers for your graphics card, installing them and realizing your favorite game gets crapped on these drivers.
  13. Games without a proper saving technique. God damn those games that require you to find a typewriter/beacon/church etc to save your progress.
  14. I think I will add to this list.....enjoy
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