Saturday, September 17, 2011

Speed thrills, but kills

No better example than what happened to Azharuddin's Son, Ayazuddin. My heartfelt condolences to a budding young cricketer's death. He looked so much like Azhar too. Inna Lillahi wa inna ilaihi rajioon.

Bikes are meant to be raced. Getting one as a gift, a youngster is bound to try to find a place where you can rip the beast. Everybody knows as much. Then what could be the solution. Where will a youngster go?

A race track, of course! If only there were enough race tracks in Hyderabad, Ayaz would have had a place to race his bike without inhibitions. He wouldn't have needed to break the law and enter upon ORR which turned out to be his and his cousin's death trap.

A controlled environment for racing with all the safety precautions taken care of is a healthy need for this generation where bikes and cars are easily accessible and are faster than ever. Eventually, India will be richer with racers like Narain Karthikeyan, Karun Chandok and the likes. That's all I have to say about this. Peace!
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