Sunday, September 18, 2011

Aldiko eReader

As I had earlier mentioned that I am now in possession of the beautiful Nexus One (Have been for a while), I’ve wanted to share my opinions about the applications (apps) available on Android. No better app to start off with Aldiko.

This brilliant app is an e-book reader. Very good interface. Supports multiple formats, especially the current e-book standard format of .epub.

While you are reading the book you can change a number of settings, a few of which I love:

  1. Fonts – Some inbuilt fonts come with the app, but they are not the best, you can get a few more as a separate download and there are some beautiful/ pleasing fonts in here.
  2. Brightness – you can change the brightness by simply swiping down on the left edge of screen. Amazing shortcut and this feature has crept in to few other apps as well
  3. Go to page and Bookmarks – awesome features, must have for e-book reading!

So, Aldiko comes with a couple of books in the open domain, one of which is White Fang by Jack London. I simply loved this book. They way the author makes you the center of the novel by being the protagonist, the Wolf called White Fang. You can download this app just for this one book.

Hopefully, I will write about more apps in the future.

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