Tuesday, January 25, 2011

My Tryst with the Google Nexus One

It was a chilly winter day, I was rocking my Sony Ericsson K660i phone. It was an awesome phone. It had Google maps!! (..in 2009, well that was a great feature.) I had done loads of research on what I wanted and it had it ALL and was OUT of production!! So I shopped around and found only one piece in my search. I bought it without hesitation. And then this chilly winter day, the phone died, it did not respond to anything I did. I was heart broken, I felt betrayed. How can this sweet phone do this to me??!! Then I decided that I needed a new phone.

And lo and behold, this happened just the day Google announced the Nexus One. The first phone Google was going to sell, all by itself (turned out to be a crappy decision that) at www.google.com/phone. How awesome is that!!!

It could not be bought from anywhere in the world except US, UK, Hong Kong and Singapore. I have lots of relatives in US so I called my brother-in-law and made him buy the phone for me. Date of Purchase: Jan 7, 2010. And then the wait started, not many people my BiL knew, were coming to India. I waited so much!!

Thankfully I got it pretty early, maybe a week or two later. And thus started my tryst with the Google Nexus One. And through the N1, my love for all things Android started.


The Sony Ericsson K660i is still functional, my wife uses it daily. She was praising it just today of how awesome a purchase it was by me. Smile Actually that chilly winter day, the phone had run out of battery because I forgot to charge it. Smile with tongue outWell, that was one mistake I am not going to regret.

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