Friday, January 21, 2011

I am back.. or am I?

The irony!!

Apparently my wife started blogging after she saw me blog. Smile

Then I went off the radar for a long long time. Then I saw my wife blog, using new tools that made blogging easier and efficient.

Now I am using the same tools (Windows Live Writer to be precise). I find quite the Irony in it.

Major events have passed since I’ve last seriously blogged. I really was and continue to be fascinated by Wikileaks and its founder Mr. Julian Assange. Doing some ground breaking work in the field of journalism. I am sure he has breathed fire into a rather misguided media of the day.

I’ve not mentioned in my previous posts, but I had bought the Google Nexus One phone on 7th July, 2 days after it was available for purchase. This added another fascinating member to my family. Android as an operating system is growing leaps and bounds, and so is the modding arena for Android. I have made the switch to Custom ROMs and the journey has been ever uplifting.

Work has been very decent and the traveling and other activities keep me occupied.

I have also found a renewed enthusiasm in PC gaming, with my cousins finding time from their busy schedule to come and play with me online. Red Alert 2, without doubt, has been the only RTS game that I’ve thoroughly enjoyed. Console gaming has become a possible event for me with the launch of Gran Turismo 5. I’d really love to play this game on my own PS3 console. So that is set for the future, Inshallah.

Also, I’ve become a die hard evangelist for the following:

So, yes, I think I am back to blogging now. Will make every effort to keep a steady flow of them.

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