Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Intense Emotions

When one sees a stunning visual, it can evoke poetry, can make him dance with happiness, jump with joy or write an epic. These things might be anything from a small drop of water falling in a bowl or the huge thunderclouds bringing a torrent into your city.

I experienced something today that made me write a blog. Hah.

Snow Patrol - You could be happy. That's the song I heard. After a considerable time.

Made me ponder how a few simple words can be woven into such a sweet song. Man, the wonders it does, how it conveys the message in a special way.

This feeling of wonder can be extended to a lot of other songs and their delivery. One special song that reminds me of this feeling is "Tujhse Naraaz Nahin" from the movie Masoom, that was sung my Amanat Ali (a contestant on a music show Sa Re Ga Ma Pa). It was heart wrenching. It made me vote on a reality show for the first time.

It was so good that he was asked to sing the song three times!! Amazing. How often does that happen??

What is the latest thing that made you do something??

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