Thursday, October 08, 2009

Comfort Habits

I am not obsessive compulsive about cleanliness. Do just enough to be called civilized. But there was one small comforting habit that I used to do when I was working for my previous company. This is how it went.

Step 1: Reach office, arrange my stuff, switch on the computer.
Step 2: Go to the washroom and wash hands till wrists with the available soap solution.
Step 3: Take the napkin and wipe both hands till no part of napkin is dry.
Step 4: Use the hot air blowing machine to remove any wet patches.

That's it. No more, no less. Pretty boring, I'd say. But NO! The feeling after the action of having dry, warm hands is simply unbeatable. Who doesn't like a warm hand shake? I surely hate sweaty palm hand shakes.

So there, that is my comfort habit. Washing and drying my hands. Sadly, my current office doesn't have a hot air blower. I do it whenever I go to restaurants or such.

Do you have any comfort habit? Please do share no matter how embarrassing it might be.
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