Thursday, October 22, 2009

Collabovel - Google Docs

In this age of things happening in the cloud, I wanted to start an experiment (2 years ago). I wanted to write a novel through collaboration. So I went ahead and opened up a new document on Google Docs. Wrote up a few lines and shared it with a few friends.

Either my friends were not much into the idea or they were plain lazy or thought I was a retard for starting such an experiment. Nothing came of the "novel" except a few lines. The following are the lines from the "Collabovel". All that it now brings to me are certain bowel movements.


The lazy drops of water seemed to fall in slow motion from the face of the bright green leaf into the oval pond under the shade of the tree. The latest drop disturbs the water even further, lifting clouds of mud inside the pond.

The clouds of mud start to settle after every drop and reveal what lies beneath. The clear skies allow sufficient sunlight to show the pale face of a woman. Her eyes open and staring up into a distant unknown.

She says 'Shut up!'.

So would the gay protagonist think, but he does not realize that she is dead in her arse.

She suddenly becomes aware that she is in a story. She's not real. She is being written. She looks up to the heavens, with sad eyes, and shouts to the author: 'Shut up!'.

There is no reply back from the author. She remains sad. She realizes the obvious thing. The author is dumb. He cannot speak. He is already 'Shut up!'"
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