Friday, October 30, 2009

Add-ons in my Firefox

Firefox, the open source browser, really broke new ground with its add-on feature that let people bring new functionality to a browser. I use Firefox 3.5.4 and cannot do without a few add-ons. Here are a list of really useful add-ons, maybe you can take them up.

DownThemAll! – Awesome download add-on that can easily replace your own download manager. What I like most about this add-on is the sweet sound it makes when a download finishes.

IE Tab – Some sites really break in Firefox coz they are exclusively built for Internet Explorer. This add-on load the IE browser within the Firefox window and mimics IE and voila! The website is working.

Firegestures – I have realized that this is a highly addictive add-on. It implements mouse gestures. You hold the right click on the mouse and make a gestures (Right to left for back) and that action is carried out in the browser. If you are far away from the back button or the keyboard this really save time. Downside of this add-on is that sometimes I find myself trying mouse gestures on someone else’s computer. :(

Echofon – Earlier it was called TwitterFox. This should give you an idea what it does. Yes it is a Twitter Client and a very good one at that. It lets me read and reply to friend tweets, all the basic functions that I do with my Twitter.

Prayer Times – Lets me know the time to the next prayer. Excellent utility for Muslims at work.

FoxClocks – Configure multiple clocks in your browser. I have friends all over the world so this is mighty useful.

InFormEnter – In my work, I keep filling forms. These are those repetitive kind of forms where you keep entering the company name, address, telephone, blah blah. Informenter provides an easy way to setup this database and fill each form field through a couple of clicks only. Another timesaver.

PDF Download – You must have come across the pains that you feel when you click a PDF link in a browser. It jams up your computer trying to load the PDF reader. This add-on gives a pop-up when you click a pdf link asking if you want to download it or open it and other options. (see screenshot)

Weave - Last but not the least, this add-on is simply amazing. It is developed by Mozilla, it synchronizes all your bookmarks, stored passwords, history, tabs, preferences, add-ons, personas. This is only for the initial version. More features in future versions. Requires sign up and a passphrase to double protect your data.

If you have a favourite add-on, please let me know. If you don’t I suggest you get your latest copy of Firefox and try these add-ons out. Next blog about the software I use in my windows box.

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