Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Revealed - Product Ponderings

I had written a blog about a product and all the various qualities of this product.

I asked you guys to guess what product it was. Nobody successfully guessed. Not even my own family members. (even after they were not allowed to participate)

Well here goes, I will start with the hints I gave and match it to the product.

Strong and Sturdy – It is so sturdy, it feels full even when it is empty

Lasts a lifetime – Looks like it, except maybe the exterior shell might breakdown

Made of quality stainless steel – Indeed it is. makes a really nice thunk sound.

Click Lock – I really like the way it locks.

Easy to clean – That's really required!

P. U. insulated – Guess why insulation might be required. To keep things hot/cold (give away)

First time in India - Everyone who has seen me with it has inquired about the price and raised their eyebrows when I gave it to them.

So what is it? It is my Lunch BOX!!

HAHA, anyway, I really like it. It has attitude as well. :)

So, I took the pictures but haven't been able to get them online. Will update this blog with them. (not sure when)
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