Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Product Ponderings

A product generally lists its name, model and some special features. Whereas the product packaging has the brand name, some graphics, contents, material used to manufacture, place of manufacture and other sundry details required by regulation. That is for the regulated products like Medicines, food products etc.


Say, for example, a computer/PC will list the brand name (say, Dell), the model name (Optiplex 360), special features (Intel Core™ 2 Duo inside™) and such.


I wanted to present in this space a product that lists all these and more. So here goes!


Brand Name: Esteam (No that is not a spelling mistake for Esteem, it is an intended variation to keep in accord with the product being sold)

Company Name: AVCON™

Model: Splendour-3


Apart from these details, this product that I bought a few weeks ago proclaims the following:

Strong and Sturdy – right!

Lasts a lifetime – I will die, but it will go on!

Made of quality stainless steel – Of course it is!

Click Lock – Awesome!

Easy to clean – That's really required!

P. U. insulated – That's Poly Urethane Insulated – Real cool tech.

First time in India - Now we all love that, don't we?


Now you guys are given here a chance to take a guess at what this product is. I will give you all a chance for one week. Then will update the post with the right answer.


Terms and conditions: This quiz is not open to family members living with the poster

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