Thursday, January 01, 2009

(Un)happy New Year

Not a Happy New Year

Every Year, we 'celebrate' a Happy New Year! It is not always 'Happy'.

People make a step into a year in a drunken delirium. Unfortunately, these are also the most vocal, cacophonous of the celebrators, disturbing the midnight peace of the sleeping masses.

This year is even worse for some nations. Palestine for example is faced with a violation of its independence at the hands of Israel. 380 dead and counting. This appears to be a more serious attack than the recent Mumbai attacks. Indians had the option of defending themselves, killing the terrorists. What can the Palestinians do? The mighty military operation being conducted on it has left hospitals overflowing with dead bodies of innocent citizens. Being bombed in the name of smoking out Hamas, Israel nor the Hamas are ready to back off.

There is very little to celebrate and these senseless celebrations should be auguring in better times, but that is not the case. With fire crackers going off, I write this at an unearthly hour.

May peace prevail this year in spite of random incomprehensible chants of "Happy New Year!" by drunken drivers on the roads
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