Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Variations on Website

Recently a couple of my friends decided to get married!!


What to do now?

Apart from the usual courting, Date Fixing and stuff they decided to create a "Wedsite".

NO!! that was not a spelling error my dear friend. That, was one hell of a play on the word "website". I really liked it.

But mind you, the Wedsite and the play on website brought another immediate thought to my mind. It was "Deadsite" a place whee people (terminal patients maybe?) will go to talk and discuss about their deaths. It is a macabre thought but quite possible.

I can imagine promoters of such sites labelling their websites as deadsites. I have thought about other variations on the word website but haven't really come up with anything apart from the occasional unfunny ones like "Breadsite" - A place for breads  :)

Can you suggest a few?
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