Thursday, May 01, 2008

Where am I?

I have noticed lately that I am not getting enough time to sit down and write some blogs.

Work occupies a lot of time. Family comes next. Then myself (sleep). These three things are keeping me away from writing all my deep thoughts down on the blog.

As a result, my blog has diversified. Diversification into easier things.

He Haw Haw Blog: I can easily add to this blog without much effort. And it is a great place to chill out and read some jokes.

(Future) Islam Blog: This might be time consuming. I might target about two posts per month on this blog as it requires credible research and review by knowledgeable people. I can't just put it out there. Also depends about the number of queries my friends put to me.

This post is the result of the question I have put myself. Where am I?

I am in Hyderabad, technically speaking, but with respect to the blog, I like where I am heading. Change is good, and having to work with different things is even better.

Hope all these efforts bear fruit, in terms of comments, site hits and etc.

For people new to my blog: you can browse the archive, or search the site with Google.
For people who want to send in jokes on hehawhaw: Mail them to me and search hehawhaw before you send in jokes to avoid repetition
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