Friday, May 09, 2008

After the event!!

Many people get wiser "after the event".

Recently with relation to my work, I found that once you have submitted your work and there is nothing else you can do to work on it and improve (read: the arrow shot cannot be reclaimed) you get ideas!

Ideas and shortcomings!!!

You get ideas of how you could have improved. This is alright, as this improvement idea can be implemented next time round.

But shortcomings!! You might have missed something which would have made a difference. These things don't leave you after work. They gnaw at your brain. They don't let you sleep.

A friend of mine, used to lose his sleep, in tension of not having done something right. Even I have had my share of sleepless nights where my thoughts ate into my brain.

Insurance is another place you get wise after the event. You take some stupid plan that the insurance guy sells you. When the time comes for you to reclaim your insured amount you are faced with a barrage of paperwork, legalities and litigation. In the end you land up with nothing. For all the trust you put in the Insurance company all you get is zilch. More so in personal injury claims.

Anyway, coming to the past, my dad used to call me and my sister "Wise after the event!!" a sort of response one would give when realization dawns about the answer that one had already known.

Example? A quiz maybe... when the quiz master pronounces the correct answer, you snap your fingers and say "I knew it!!" But the horse has already bolted, my dear!!

I got hold of the "Wise After The Event" thing and would tease my friends by calling them "W.A.T.E.!!" (waa tay) whenever they acted wise after the event.

I should start making effort and become WBTE (doesn't have a proper acronym) in order to avoid further damage to ... whatever!!
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