Wednesday, March 05, 2008

What is an M. C. hammer Slide?

I saw an XKCD cartoon talking about M. C. Hammer Slide.

Search for MC Hammer Slide shows an
Afghani soldier's image.
The same page also has xkcd cartoon.
The Newsweek screenshots has afghani soldier in three images and a different image on the fourth image.
Led me to Newsweek page on wikipedia.
There I find Fareed Zakaria involved in a secret meeting .
Leads me to Fareed's wikipage.
Realize he is an Indian Muslim.. and am proud..
Then Fareed confesses he is not religious guy.. turns me off.
He is named 21 people of 21st century or something by Esquire magazine.
So I search for the list.
The list is simply stupid turns me off much more.
Esquire is a pop magazine. Page three kind of stuff
In the end I start closing the firefox windows..
then I realize I haven't come to know what an M. C. Hammer Slide is.. :(
Can anyone help me find what an M. C. Hammer Slide is?

Update: Lots of people are visiting my blog. Here is the M.C. Hammer video, you can't touch this! This has the famous M. C. Hammer Slide, go to 1:56
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