Friday, March 14, 2008

(Un)friendly Advice

Oh, the times!
When a friend you think knows better gives you a piece of advice. It looks really competent. So much so that you go ahead and implement it. Maybe it is that you are missing your desk keys, maybe you are making an investment, or even moving companies.
The "friend" can become an unnecessary nuisance in no time, leaving you regretting, alone, for taking the advice. You wonder back to that cursory moment of your own wisdom that told you not to listen to this friend. The Tom & Jerry equivalent of the Devil and Angel on your shoulder. To listen or not to listen.
Alas! The advice turns out to be a thorn in the flesh. It does get your work done but the repurcussions of it reveal themselves slowly through other means. Your colleagues tell you things, or your stock broker isn't happy or you came on board a sinking ship. Things happen, your regret becomes remorse.
So my friend, take this advice, with a pinch of salt of course, listen to your friends but do your own thing.
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