Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Research Report Writing Guide

This is the electronic representation of the report writing guide given to my class during my MBA by my Dean.


“Suggested Outline for Study” (that is the skeleton of the report.)

  1. Title Page
  2. Formal Declaration. ”In the Partial Fulfillment of….”
  3. Certification as required
  4. Table of contents
  5. Preface and acknowledgements
  6. Abstract/ Executive summary
  7. Introduction
  8. Background of study

1.       Highlights of proposal

2.       Brief chapter-wise outline

  1. Survey of relevant conceptual and empirical literature
  2. Identification of research gaps

1.       Transition to next chapter: how the study proposes to fill the gap/ add

2.       Academic value.

i.                     Core chapters/sections (more than one if necessary):

ii.                   Presentations, analysis and interpretation of results in respect of hypotheses and specific objectives

iii.                  Chapter/section wise conclusions

  1. Conclusions and recommendations

1.       Specific and overall conclusions

2.       Recommendations

3.       Limitations

4.       Future areas

  1. Annexure
  2. References ( with details of author, title of book/article and of book

1.       Publisher, place, journal year

iv.                 References to specific chapters, pages, tables etc to be included in the

2.       Text (author, year, references to specific chapters/pages/tables etc.)


Aarif A. Waqif

All credit to Dean Sir.

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