Friday, January 28, 2011

Why you should get on Facebook and Twitter right now!!

You know how there is always a big debate around whether something is good for society or bad for society? Generally, the topic ends with a wise proclamation of “This thing is beneficial if used properly, but can be a great danger otherwise.”

It is the same for any number of technological advances. Televisions, Mobile Phones, Social Networks. I personally have been against social networks. I have been, what you can call, a dormant user of Facebook, Twitter and to some extent LinkedIn. I’ve never got around to indulging myself in the activities related to them, which are very time consuming.

I used to hate getting messages about friends of friends of a friend who liked something on their friend’s friend’s wall about a stupid video made by an unknown person. In the end, it was very frustrating for me and made me recheck my friend settings and change them to suit my appetite for such useless content.

But today, everything changed. I’ve realized how Facebook and Twitter can bring down governments. How YouTube can become your news channel. How governments that shutdown internet can get shutdown themselves. (@jerusalemfilms)

It is happening in Egypt right now, and it happened in Tunisia a few weeks ago. It can happen in your own country next. There is no guarantee. And when it happens you better be there, updated with what is going to happen next, or be left behind.


It has become an essential requirement for revolutions. Who could have thought that companies made in car garages can wield the power to topple 30 year old governments. Yes, in the end it boils down to the people who run these companies and people who actually provide the content from the ground.

So I believe, if you can take a little irritation on the side, joining Facebook or twitter is a good thing now. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead, be part of the global revolution!!!

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