Monday, April 19, 2010

Three Stories - Part II - Kumar.

Kumar snuck out slowly through the gate, pushing his bike away from the house. After reaching a far enough distance, he started his bike and rode away. Twenty minutes ago, he had gotten a call from his boss.

"Oh no!" Kumar thought, "This is going to be my worst Sunday!"

With the yearly job appraisal drawing close, he did not dare to turn down his boss' request (order) to meet at the office. The Boss was flying out to the States to meet a key client and wanted Kumar to urgently complete a crucial deck of presentation. New financial data had come in late yesterday, Kumar now had to redo all the numbers.

Kumar took pride in the fact that he was the only guy at the company who could crunch those numbers, the way the boss wanted, not today.

He was sacrificing a rare Sunday outing with Sumitha and Sunny. He had it all planned a week in advance. Sunny was so excited when he went to bed yesterday. The Circus was in town and all of Sunny's friends had been to the Circus. Kumar did not want to lose this chance of bonding with Sunny.

Kumar did not want to waste time. If he could make good time to his office, finish the job and start back as quickly as he can, he could still make it home in time before Sunny woke up. He turned into a one-way lane which cut his journey by 10 minutes. There wouldn't be much oncoming traffic at this hour of the morning. His phone rang and the auto-answer kicked in after two rings.

"Hello?" Kumar spoke into his Bluetooth headset.

"Kumar? Where are you?!!" It was his wife!

"Sumi, I got a call from office. Some urgent work came up. I will come back soon." said Kumar

"You promised Sunny that you would take him to the Circus and now you are going to office??" asked Sumitha, shocked.

"I promise I will be back before Sunny wakes up, he won't know I went to work today." said Kumar, trying to satisfy her.

"You'd better be back in time."

The call ended as a turn came up.

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