Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The next generation of touch

How many of you think that the human/computer interface of keyboard and mouse is getting old?

The new touch screen interfaces brought forth by your favurite phone (iPhone, Nokia 5800 etc) would give one an idea of how things will pan out in the future.

I have thought of such technologies, but not as much as a certain R. Clayton Miller. (We'll get to that later)

My idea was to place a thin screen over the monitor (much like the yester year anti glare screens). This screen will interface with the computer through a USB port into a software program that will map the touches to the onscreen interface. This was my idea of simplifying things without the need for an expensive touch enabled monitor.

I thought this idea was great, until my friend Badar sent me a link that shattered all my dreams of having a patented solution in my pocket.

This here is the link to Mr. R. Clayton Miller's work. It is so good, one would surely say "be-awesome" ("Rhino is awesome! He's so awesome! He's... He's beyond awesome! He's... be-awesome!" Rhino - Bolt - 2008).

Share any brilliant ideas that you might have had on this topic!
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