Thursday, March 19, 2009

Am I Old?

"Everyday, more than three billion minutes are spent by computer users on Facebook" says once email forward, listing the 10 things that changed our lives. It listed Social Networking as one among them.
It has been true for a long time that the younger generation are quick on the uptake of new technologies. They use these things like Twitter, Facebook and MySpace and other similar technologies day in and day out.
Among the few technologies of my time were Personal websites, blogs, web search and email. We were champions of anything to do with these technologies. But, now I see myself stepping away from the Facebooks and Twitters. I just can't find the time. Maybe once in a month is too much time spent.
This begs the question, "Have I become old?" or rather "Have I grown out of the "younger generation?""
Maybe, maybe not.
A recent discovery by a BBC survey puts the onset of old age at 27 where as the peak being at 22. Scientifically, I am getting old.
On the other hand, One is as old as he thinks he is. I can do a lot of things that people of my age seldom do. This makes me feel younger too.
Old age is without a cure and an inevitable reality for most human beings. So I will go ahead and slow down my pace and catch up with the wisdom of my 28 years of life.
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