Thursday, January 10, 2008

Irritations 2

Your most awaited movie not releasing in your city.
Your alarm not ringing for that important appointment with your girlfriend.
Getting stuck in a SuDoKu because of one number you did not notice.
Finishing a book in a hurry because your friend asked it back.
Having a disliked curry when you are really really hungry.
The stupid pans, zooms, shudders and what not in Saas-Bahu serials.
not to forget the entire dance sequences enacted just to fill time in such serials.
also not to forget the ultra-crappy jerky slow-motion shots, again to save money/reel and to fill time.
Thinking your latest Ubuntu version is downloading in your p2p client but realizing, after you wake up, that you had paused it for faster browsing and forgot to turn it on.
Having selected a template in blogger and realizing you have to post all blogs in white color. (happened to me)
Having a double digit amount in your bank account, making it impossible for you to withdraw money from an ATM. (ATMs allow INR 100 minimum)
The list can go on....
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