Thursday, March 22, 2007


Does your work define your life or does your life define your work?

A single question, when broken into two, can help the right answer to just pop in front of your eyes. Let us split the above question into two parts.
  • Does your work define your life? Or
  • Does your life define your work?

In my answer, I believe my life guides my work. I don't live to work, but I work to live my life.

So often I see people just hammer away the entire day at work, hardly giving a moment of thought about their life. There are so many things that can be done apart from work. Even a person with limited interests can dedicate a reasonable amount of time to anything other than work.

Fast paced life is one culprit. Everybody is on the move for long term, short term or ephemeral interests. A lot many poems have been written describing the inattentive humans passing by Nature's everyday miracles. Maybe it will take a sudden change or a calamity for such people to pause, take a look and wonder only to realize that they had taken so much for granted.

I had received a forward in email that said that work is only a way to sustain life. To finance the many wonderful things that can be done in life. Multi national companies a greater greed to minimize costs maximize earnings has led to some lovely innovations in the fields of human resource management.

Companies invest in avenues to keep the employee at work as long as possible. Recreations, Fitness, Food are only few of the perks provided on campus to keep the employees tied in for longer times. Even people are to blame; they find the company's fast internet better than the slow connection at home or none at all. The Air conditioning is always on!! Why go home??

It is about time people begin to realize that Work is what we do for others, live is what we do for ourselves. Life is short, do what is lively!!

By the way what type are you? Living to Work or Working to Live?

Breaking it into two questions... Select one and put in comments

  • Living to Work? Or
  • Working to Live?
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