Wednesday, March 14, 2007


Company Profile: Apppel Inc is a large software company that specializes in selling products online. It has been humungously successful in its business model and have accumulated revenues like never before. Apppel went ahead and entered new arenas applying the same business model to sell various things from iCars (downloaded in installments) to iHouses - a direct result of buying an iComputer and downloading the house around it. Apppel has also ventured out and created a country call Apppel. It is a highly prosperous country which is evergreen (thanks to a green wallpaper drive initiated by the Prime Minister.)

New Product: Apppel is coming out with a new product and we have Apppel's spokesperson Mr. Pod Le Mac with us to introduce and discuss further.

iReporter: Mr. Pod Le Mac, What is this product all about?
Mr. Pod Le Mac: The product will be called iFamine and can be downloaded via internet at 99 cents an hour to your house's device management system that communicates all the details to the refrigerator, telephone, air conditioning, so when iFamine is downloaded, the fridge will gobble up all stuff and become empty automatically and leaves nothing for inhabitants. The air conditioner will stop functioning, if you select a hot iFamine and will get super cooled if you select a polar iFamine. The telephone will not allow to dial grocery or pizza delivery numbers and so on an so forth.

iReporter: Why would people pay for this?
Mr. Pod Le Mac: To experience the life of faminists, who are totally apart from feminists. Every country will have its own type of famine like a genre, so u can choose different flavors of famines by country/region like Middle-East famine or Deccan India famine so on and so forth

iReporter: Faminist is a word?
Mr. Pod Le Mac: A faminist would be one who simulates and expereinces a particular region famine and program it into iFamine product line.

iReporter: How will you sell the product?
Mr. Pod Le Mac: Apppel will have a site which lists regions so u can search for a region the region is also categorized as hard, medium and easy, so u can select and there are communities based on famine type, exchanging experiences and reporting bugs like a particular famine doesn't react as hard on a certain race as it reacts on another downtrodden race so it is labeled racist and is blacklisted and so on like that

iReporter: I don’t think this product will work out..
Mr. Pod Le Mac: There is a discount only to Apppel Country citizens. Other will have to pay $1.99. The extra $1 charges are as a rental charge for using Apppel proprietary devices to replicate famines.

iReporter: stop please!!
Mr. Pod Le Mac: Because Apppel country people are using, it will become a fashion and others will die to imitate

iReporter: Dear audience, we stop this interview here, please feel free to put in your comments on our comments section. I am unable to take it any longer…
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