Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Humor (Humour)

Some people have a very low threshold of humor. You say something partly funny, they burst out laughing as if you cracked the joke of the year.They will laugh at whatever small thing you say.

I have come across such people. Mostly they are from the fairer sex. But, have seen some men also breaking my beliefs.

There is always another side to the coin. Some people never or hardly laugh at all. If you want to test a joke, it should be these people. If you can get a smile onto their lips, even a hint of it, rest assured your joke will be a hit.

I personally think that i belong to the not-so-easily-tickled group. That doesn't mean that I don't crack stupid jokes. It only means that i don't laugh at most of my jokes :)

So it would be great if you can tell me, which group you belong to, or is there a new group you want to include yourself in?

Till the next blog, keep laughing. If you have any difficulty, read the joke below:

A man went to his mate's fancy dress party with nothing but a girl on his back.
"So what the hell are you supposed to be?" the host asked.
"I'm a snail," the man replied.
"What a load of crap!" the host spat. "How can you be a snail when all you've got is that girl on your back?"
"That's not a girl, mate," the bloke replied, "that's Michelle."
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