Sunday, August 13, 2006

This is the best Acknowledgements Section I found anywhere. This belongs to a friend of mine from Palestine. One of the best people I know. May Allah grant peace to the the Conflict ridden regions of the world.


ALLAH is the First and Last one to whom all my words of thanks go to; the One who has taught man that which he knew not; and the One without His will this work would not have seen the light. My parents are the ones to whom my special gratitude and respect go to. They are the ones who withstood my being away from them, the ones who always used to strengthen my will to achieve my ambition.

In fact, this page is exclusively designed to note my gratitude and respect for those who helped me to complete my project. So I would like to thank Dr. **** **** for his kind help, guidance, support and encouragement throughout my study. This project would not have been possible without his assistance and cooperation.

I am also grateful to my sponsors (ICCR) and University of Hyderabad, for providing all the facilities to complete my project successfully. I also would like to express my sincere gratitude to my classmates for their supports.

I extend my full gratitude to ***** ******, A professor at the Department on Computer Science, University of Auckland, who initiated the main idea of my project. I also feel indebted to the team working on OpenSSL Project and Paul Heilein who has written a very valuable documentation for using OpenSSL command line which helped me a lot. OpenSSL is a cryptography toolkit implementing TLS network protocol and related cryptography standards required by it.

I express my words of thanks and gratitude to TLS working group who are employed in IETF for their concern about the subject concerned by providing a mailing list by means of which people who are working on this field can get responses to their enquires.

As an expatriate student, I warmly extend my thanks to the peaceful country India which has embraced me as one of its sons. Thanks to the country where I found peace and settlement that I didn’t find in my country Palestine because of the Israeli occupation.

***** *****

Gaza Strip,

(Names have been blanked out to protect the privacy of the holders)

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